US Dollar Technical Forecast Prices Russia DXY to a new high

US Dollar Technical Price View DXY Weekly Trading Rates

  • US Dollars Technical Business Level Improvement – Weekly Chart
  • The U.S. dollar march to the key to growth resistance: to drive the Russian invasion / NFP
  • DXYSupport 95.67, 95.15 (Bully Loss of value) – R.Luck 97.70 (critical), 98.30

Of US Dollar Index With the 1.1% increase this week, the situation in Ukraine is likely to escalate into a full-blown conflict between Russia and the West. Disaster Risk Hate Continues to Back Green DXY is now approaching a crucial recovery – a recent price volatility threat. These are the advanced technical targets and price levels that are important in the US Dollar Index weekly chart. Review my latest strategy Webinar B The deep division of thisDXY Technical Setup and more.

US Dollar Index – DXY Weekly

Notes: In my January US Dollar Weekly Price Index We noticed that our focus was on the 94.47 constructive monthly range. DXY is at an all-time low of 95.15 in the coming weeks of October 2017 in the wake of the declining war in Ukraine. Advances are now taking the dollar to a critical technical contractor. 91.69 / 72– The highest swing in 2018 and the region defined by 61.8% Fibonacci The fall of 2020 is back. In order to have immediate and long-term discrimination, this limit must be exceeded.

First weekly Support It rests close to the 2021 high-week close 96.67 Supported by its open purpose every year 95.67. Widespread bullying is now on the rise 95.05. Violation of the upper side above this key block will keep the focus on the next. Resist Objectives b 98.30 And the 2019 high-week is near. 98.84– If so, look for the big answer there.

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at last: The US dollar rally is now approaching a crucial technical blockade of high resilience – a risk of recent fatigue. From a commercial point of view, good zone-losses should be limited to 96.67 to reduce long-term exposure. . US Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) hit on Friday. Review my latest US Dollar Price Outlook To get an in-depth look at the latest DXY technical trading standards.

Key US Data Releases

Key US Data Releases


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