US Dollar / JPI Technical Analysis Trouble-Profit Collection

For three consecutive trading sessions, the USD / JPY pair pairs are exposed to seemingly profitable sales activity over the weekend to announce the important US labor numbers. Due to strong labor markets and the strongest economic recovery in 40 years, the Federal Reserve hopes to raise US interest rates.

Federal Reserve officials say they are looking for a strong 50-point move in March as they prepare to raise interest rates and want to avoid unnecessary damage to the US economy. US Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell said last week that officials were ready to raise interest rates to curb inflation over the next four decades. However, he declined to comment further on the policy process, saying that subsidies should be discontinued and that the policy should be more responsive to income.

Investors have raised their bargain since Paul said he was down to five compared to three officials expected in December this year. Wall Street Economists divided the federation into seven hills and threatened to increase interest rates by 50 percent – the first increase since 2000 – to keep up with inflation.

San Deli, president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, one of the most frustrating officials in the United States Central Bank, said interest rates could rise in early March. However, the federation has denied any wrongdoing and said that in addition to the pandemic, which has been hitting finances, the economy has been hit hard.

Overall, the authorities acknowledged that inflation had not slowed down as expected and turned to consolidation policies. Atlanta Federation President Rafael Bosst told Yaho Finance that his view would need three increases by 2022 and would not support a 50-point increase in March. “If inflation is lower than expected,” he said, “I will adjust my policy in terms of raising interest rates.” By the end of 2022, Bostig saw inflation drop to 3 percent year-on-year, nearly double the 12-month period between December 12 and December 12.

Economists argue that the federation should move at a reasonable rate and see the central bank’s easing of demand. But policymakers want to maintain resilience in the face of serious economic skepticism. COVID-19 will continue to capture thousands of Americans every day.

As a pair of technical analysis- Recent sell-offs have not deviated from the USD / JPY pair pairs above and above the 115.00’s much needed psychological resistance to start up the bulls’ daily chart. After last week’s gain, I was looking for profitability as the Federal Reserve announcement storm surge, and the US dollar pair is cautiously focusing on U.S. labor numbers this week. The bulls’ proximity to the current performance is 115.65 and 116.35.

Unfortunately, the overall trend will not decrease without moving to 113.35 support, otherwise the trend will stay up. Today, the currency pair will be affected by investors’ concerns about food demand as well as the ISM Manufacturing PMI announcement and the number of U.S. jobs.


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