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University of California workers reached an agreement to end the strike

The University of California has reached an agreement with 36,000 graduate student teaching assistants and other academic staff to end a month-long strike over pay and benefits, the largest in the nation, by the popular state system.

The strike led to suspension of classes in all 10 classrooms in the universities. The deal still needs to be ratified before the strike officially ends.

The bargaining units said some workers could see increases of up to 66% over the next two years. The contracts expire on May 31, 2025.

The increase in wages and benefits could have an impact beyond California. For decades, colleges and universities have relied on faculty and graduate students to do the teaching and research previously handled by tenured faculty—but without the same pay and benefits.

Just this year, graduate students at several universities, including MIT and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, all supported the association.

Tim Kane, associate professor of higher education at the University of Georgia, said the strike was notable for its scale and scope, but what it could mean for other universities. If graduate staff and researchers approve the contract, it could lead to similar changes at colleges that compete with UC or at colleges that organize graduate staff unions.

“There is a fundamental shift in who is doing academic work in higher education,” Cain said. Salaries for graduate students have not kept up over time, he added, and many face stiff competition for full-time faculty jobs.

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