The American Consulate General started a campaign to promote American higher education

US Consul General Karen Grissett welcomed academic partners, stakeholders and special guests to her residence to support the Consulate’s research with the US on Wednesday night.

To strengthen the long-standing educational exchange relationship between the United States and Bermuda, the US Consulate has sponsored the upcoming study abroad program in Bermuda through the “US” (#StudyWithUS) campaign. The video series features Bermudian students currently attending American colleges and universities, as well as Bermudian students at American colleges and universities. The Consul General previewed a series of videos which received enthusiastically positive reviews from his colleagues.

The campaign features students and alumni eager to share the impact of studying in the United States on their lives. Video participants discuss scholarships and programs that have covered their education with scholarships or made their education more affordable. To join the campaign and share the impact of your own U.S. education experience, contact the U.S. Consulate at ([email protected]).

US Consul General Grissett, President of Bermuda College, Dr. Duranda Green, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Government of Bermuda, officials and representatives of Bermuda schools, and corporate and foundation scholarship sponsors were in attendance.

Senior Vice Chancellor Sohail Agboatwala of Troy University in Alabama was the special guest. Senior Vice Chancellor Agboatwala visited Bermuda to further strengthen ties between Troy University and the US Consulate, Bermuda College, international business sector and education stakeholders.

“Troy University is committed to providing higher education opportunities to international students,” said Mr. Agbotwala. “We offer a variety of programs at a total cost of approximately $25,000 per year, which includes tuition, housing, food and insurance. Scholarships are available to all Bermudian students who wish to take a four-year program after high school or transfer from a Bermuda college to an undergraduate program. This means Bermudians can receive the equivalent of tuition fees in our state.My team is available to host virtual or in-person counseling sessions and campus tours for parents and students.

More international students choose to study in the US than any other country. “With more than 4,500 accredited institutions of higher education, the United States has every student’s right to a college or university,” said U.S. Consul General Grissett. “There are affordable study options and scholarships available in Bermuda or directly at US institutions,” she added. For example, Columbia College in New York City offers a full scholarship to an accepted Bermudian student who demonstrates financial need. More information about this scholarship can be found on the consulate website.

#StudyWithUS provides information on ways to pursue higher education through EducationUSA, which has more than 430 international student advising centers in more than 175 countries and territories. The network promotes US higher education to students around the world, provides information on opportunities to study at accredited postsecondary institutions in the United States, and provides services to students and their families focused on the admissions process, standardized test requirements and how to finance. An American lesson. The US consulate can provide information about the student visa process and preparation for departure to the United States.

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