Establishing high quality higher education institutions is not easy.

HEIs refer to universities and colleges; They do not include institutions that focus solely on research. This section describes what founders of HEIs must do. These observations are not a comprehensive list of ‘how to structure a good force’, but unless these issues are addressed, a good higher education institution cannot be established. Before proceeding, … Read more

Higher Education PS Simon Nabukwesi urges universities to borrow international best practices if they are to remain competitive.

Education Principal Secretary Simon Nabukwesi has urged professionals in universities to engage government consultancy services. [iStockphoto] Local universities have been asked to seek partnerships in research and exchange programs with international institutions as they prepare students to address the nation’s needs upon graduation. Speaking at the University of Eldoret’s 11th commencement ceremony held on Thursday, … Read more

Salary gap data shows the most popular clicks in Australian universities

Senior managers and star academics are earning twice as much as staff at Australian universities, after international and disciplinary competition has gained ground in what was once an egalitarian setting. A Times Higher Education The analysis shows that academia’s rich choices are not limited to senior officials. Dozens of employees at each university are pulling … Read more

Perspectives: Why America’s Universities Are Going to Implode –

“Viewpoints” is a place in Chapelborough where local people are encouraged to share their unique views on issues affecting our community. If you want to contribute a column on an issue that concerns you, interesting events around town, comments on local life – or anything else – send it to [email protected] Why American universities are … Read more