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The UN envoy urged Afghanistan’s top education chief to lift the ban on women

Kabul, Afghanistan – The UN’s top envoy on Saturday discussed with the Taliban-led Afghan government’s minister of higher education a ban on women entering universities. On December 20, Taliban officials ordered the closure of public and private universities for women. It has sparked widespread international condemnation, including from Muslim-majority countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar … Read more

Taliban Explains Why Afghan Women Are Banned From Universities

Afghan universities are off limits to female students. (file) Kabul: Afghan universities have banned women because female students did not follow guidelines, including an appropriate dress code, the Taliban’s minister of higher education said Thursday. The ban, announced in early August last year, is the latest restriction on women’s rights in Afghanistan since the Taliban … Read more

The Taliban-led Afghan government has banned female students from universities.

Afghanistan’s Taliban-run Ministry of Higher Education banned female students from entering universities on Tuesday, prompting strong condemnation from the United States, Britain and the United Nations. A letter confirmed by a spokesperson for the Ministry of Higher Education has instructed Afghanistan’s public and private universities to immediately stop access to female students in accordance with … Read more