Market Week Future: Dow Jones, Hang Seng, US Dollar, Gold, Crude Oil

Markets Week Ahead: Dow Jones, Hang Seng, US Dollar, Gold, Crude Oil, Fed Hike, Ukraine

On Wall Street, the February CPI hit 7.9% y / y, followed by another strong inflation last week. As prices continue to soar over the next 40 years, the Hawkish Federal Reserve’s monetary policy stakes are down 2.2%, 3.02% and 3.85%, respectively. This means that tech-heavy Nasdaq has entered the bear market, which is a … Read more

Continuous increase in oil to increase inflation

Oil traders expect weekly IA data. Falling in Cushing Inventures could push prices back to recent highs. Constant inflation could force central banks to take a more aggressive stance. The fallout from the central bank could further destabilize the market. Iran’s nuclear program is projected to reach 12.6 million barrels a year, according to the … Read more