Birr price forecast rise bond increase will create expensive head wind

Silver Price Forecast: Soaring Bond Yields Create Headwinds for Precious Metals

XAG / USD view S.As U.S. treasury production peaked for several years, Ilver prices fell 1.6 percent. Investors predict that the Central Bank’s consolidation cycle will be stronger than expected this week. Falcon Fedspeak In this article we will examine the key technical steps for XAG / USD Most read: Federal Chairman Paul said gold … Read more

US Dollar Technical Forecast Prices Russia DXY to a new high

US Dollar Technical Forecast: Russia Drives DXY to New High

US Dollar Technical Price View DXY Weekly Trading Rates US Dollars Technical Business Level Improvement – Weekly Chart The U.S. dollar march to the key to growth resistance: to drive the Russian invasion / NFP DXYSupport 95.67, 95.15 (Bully Loss of value) – R.Luck 97.70 (critical), 98.30 Of US Dollar Index With the 1.1% increase … Read more

Forex Forecast and Cryptocurrencies Forecast

EUR/USD: Waiting for War and Rate Hike The period from February 10 to 14 was unexpectedly stormy. Panic moods were diligently warmed up by the leading media, actively discussing the statements of world leaders, primarily the President of the United States, regarding a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. The White House even decided to relocate … Read more

Sterling Technical Forecast GBP / USD Breakout Fatigue

Sterling Technical Forecast: GBP/USD Breakout Exhaustion- Cable Levels

Sterling (GBP / USD) Technical Price Index Sterling Technical Business Level Improvement – Weekly Chart GBP / USD Breakage goes into a key technical integration at the 52-week average Weekly resistance 1.3746 (key), 1.3835 – support 1.3567, 1.3494-1.3529 (key) The British pound is currently at its lowest level of 4.3 per cent since December 2021. … Read more