Euro Technical Price Index EUR / USD Bears Post-ECB

Euro Technical Price Outlook: EUR/USD Bears Pounce Post-ECB

Euro Technical Value Views Euro / Dollar Supply Trading Trades Euro Modern technical business standards – daily and daily charts Euro / dollar Downhill Trading Support is now focused on resilience Opposition 1.1109, 1.150, 1.1221 / 31 (Key) – Support 1.0920 / 26, 1.0814 / 31 (Critical) The euro is up about 3% this week … Read more

How the Euro changed from October to February

When it comes to the foreign exchange market (known as the fork), change is inevitable. With this huge liquid market receiving trillions of transactions per day, exchange rates can fluctuate at any time. To move forward, it is important not only to know the movement of currency values ​​but also to know what causes them. … Read more

Euro slide to continue Euro Basic weekly forecasting

Euro Weekly Fundamental Forecast: EUR/USD Slide to Continue

Euro Basic Forecast: Bearish Compared to other major central banks, it is difficult to overestimate the strength of the euro, regardless of the obvious differences on the way to the ECB. True, the euro zone is very different from other single countries, but at the moment it is difficult to see the strength of the … Read more