Events in the economic calendar affect the forex market trading

Stock Exchange Trading Forex Finance Graphic Concept

Financial markets are highly volatile, offer great opportunities for profit, and the foreign exchange market is no different. Forrex is one of the world’s most active assets, with a market cap of $ 6.6 trillion in 2019 alone. When you hear this, you may be wondering – what is forex trading and how does it … Read more

US Dollar Outlook on Economic Impact of Fed Shells Dollar

USD Outlook: Economic Impact from Fed Tightening Shackles Dollar

US Dollar Fund Predictable Bullish A flat product curve precludes dollar expectations. Economic recovery next week. DXY Basic Background The US economy is showing strong performance metrics, especially in the labor market. Coupled with the falcon central bank in the midst of high inflation, the green backbone is yet to emerge, as many expect. In … Read more