Market Week Future: Dow Jones, Hang Seng, US Dollar, Gold, Crude Oil

Markets Week Ahead: Dow Jones, Hang Seng, US Dollar, Gold, Crude Oil, Fed Hike, Ukraine

On Wall Street, the February CPI hit 7.9% y / y, followed by another strong inflation last week. As prices continue to soar over the next 40 years, the Hawkish Federal Reserve’s monetary policy stakes are down 2.2%, 3.02% and 3.85%, respectively. This means that tech-heavy Nasdaq has entered the bear market, which is a … Read more

Weeks ago – Dollar resists inflation, converts to FD minutes

Another fiery inflation has pushed U.S. bond markets into a sharp rise in federal interest rates, but the dollar is trading higher. Is this a turning point for the FX market? Next week’s Fed Minutes and US retail sales could show that the playbook has really changed. Dollars are not surprised. Does the federation pull … Read more

Canadian Dollar Outlook Threatens USD / CAD January Growth

Canadian Dollar Outlook: USD/CAD Threatens January Uptrend- NFP Levels

Canadian Dollar Technical Value Overview- Latest trading levels Canadian dollar Modern technical business standards – daily and daily charts USD / CAD returns to resistance with annual BoC / FOMC tap Resistance 1.2724 (key), 1.2767, 1.2813 – Support 1.2664, 1.2640 and 1.2582 (key) Of USD USD / CAD has depreciated by more than 0.75% since … Read more

US Dollar / JPI Technical Analysis Trouble-Profit Collection

For three consecutive trading sessions, the USD / JPY pair pairs are exposed to seemingly profitable sales activity over the weekend to announce the important US labor numbers. Due to strong labor markets and the strongest economic recovery in 40 years, the Federal Reserve hopes to raise US interest rates. Federal Reserve officials say they … Read more

US Dollar Outlook on Economic Impact of Fed Shells Dollar

USD Outlook: Economic Impact from Fed Tightening Shackles Dollar

US Dollar Fund Predictable Bullish A flat product curve precludes dollar expectations. Economic recovery next week. DXY Basic Background The US economy is showing strong performance metrics, especially in the labor market. Coupled with the falcon central bank in the midst of high inflation, the green backbone is yet to emerge, as many expect. In … Read more

US Dollar / Rar Forecast Rand Under Pre-Trading Pressure, CPI Focus

USD/ZAR Forecast: Rand Under Pressure in Early Trading, CPI in Focus

Rand Analysis Strong Dollar Open Thames Rand Bulls. Rand-related products are less open. Omicron distribution in China could hurt ZAR. Czar’s basic background After last week Non-Farm Salary (NFP) The Greenback trade is slightly higher this morning as it penetrates deeper into the data and shows significant potential for the U.S. labor market. Unemployment rates … Read more