view | Supporting mental health through improved education policy with data and analytics

All students need varying degrees of hope to graduate, especially those who need mental health support. Many students are adjusting to life after two years of Covid disruption, beyond the usual stress that comes with a new phase of life. A new and unfamiliar environment, increased academic pressure, new social dynamics, financial worries and other … Read more

Salary gap data shows the most popular clicks in Australian universities

Senior managers and star academics are earning twice as much as staff at Australian universities, after international and disciplinary competition has gained ground in what was once an egalitarian setting. A Times Higher Education The analysis shows that academia’s rich choices are not limited to senior officials. Dozens of employees at each university are pulling … Read more

A state with many campuses

For years, many Pennsylvania colleges have been sounding the alarm about their future. The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, commonly known as Pasche, recently consolidated its six campuses into two after more than a decade of enrollment and financial pressures. Pennsylvania State University had a deficit of more than $150 million last academic year. … Read more