Stock points open to mixed, oil rises

As geopolitical concerns and central banks focus, stocks are set for a mixed start.

The Future of America

  • Dow futures -0.35% at 34600
  • S&P futures -0.20% at 4423
  • Nasdaq futures forecast + 0.25% in 14488

In Europe

  • FTSE -0.03% at 7470
  • Ducks + 0.45% at 15393
  • Euro Stocks + 0.22% at 4146

The same risks remain, the income pillow is reduced

Shares are heading for a mixed start to the week, raising Nasdaq with negotiators. As investors rallied in the wake of growing European geopolitical tensions, the falcon federation and US earnings went on a roller coaster ride last week.

Similar threats are looming in the new week, and recent data shows that growth in China continues to slow. Both production and service growth has slowed.

Oil prices are rising again, set in January for the best in 30 years, and energy stocks on the back of Ukraine’s Ukraine tensions must go to a strong start today.

In terms of revenue, 81% of the 172 S&P500 shares reported so far have met or exceeded expectations. This week is another big week for reporting companies such as Amazon, Alphabet and Exxon Mobile. Excellent revenues have helped stabilize the volatility of high-tech stocks behind the Hawkish Federation.

Looking at price decisions from the RBA, BoE and ECB will be the focus this week and could boost market sentiment in the coming weeks.

In another corporate news:

Elliot Management and Vista Equity Partners are close to agreeing on a $ 104 per share deal to keep the company private, with Citric Systems falling 3.5% ahead of market. This was below the closing price of Friday.

Where is it next to Dow?

Dow Jones extended his return from 33,145 low shots last week to 34 34830 – 9 34,900, which despite several attempts last week failed to break even further.

After major changes last week, volatility has stabilized. The big picture is that the downtrend is below 50 and 100 sma and the RSI indicates further losses.

33980 December low on road support, 33570 low before January 25.

Meanwhile, buyers want to take more than 34900 to open the 100 sma at 35375.

FX Markets US Dollar Slip, mixed GDP

The US dollar is depreciating despite rising to 19 months last week. The US dollar is stronger than the forecast for GDP and stronger than expected PCE figures.

The EUR / USD is relatively high but has not been able to get its GDP data from weak funds. Although the economy grew by 0.3% QoQ in Q4, this is less than the forecast of 2.3% in Q3. Annual missed GDP growth is growing at 4.6% YoY with 4.7% forecast.

  • GBP / USD + 0.14% at 1.3413
  • Euro / Dollar + 0.04% at 1.1153

Oil is rising

Oil prices are on the rise, boosting last week’s gains and putting oil on the road to a 17% gain in January. These geopolitical risks and supply chain pressures represent the biggest monthly gain in a year.

Russia has said it will not withdraw its troops from Ukraine, as Russia continues to build troops along its border. Over the weekend, NATO leader warned that Europe should increase its supply of energy. Europe’s energy security concerns are mounting.

Elsewhere, Ecuador’s pipeline breach and tensions in the Middle East are compounded by concerns in Eastern Europe.

Even after these crises, supply was tight even before these problems.

OPEC + is expected to meet this week and the product is expected to meet current standards, especially since manufacturers failed to meet their target target in December.

  • WTI Raw Trading + 0.6% at $ 86.78
  • Brent trades at $ 89.07 + 0.61%.


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