Stock Edge High, Peloton Jumps

US stocks rose sharply after last week’s gains. Inflation and revenues are the focus.

The Future of America

  • Dow futures + 0.15% at 35150
  • S&P futures + 0.27% at 4510
  • Nasdaq futures forecast + 0.4% at 14750

In Europe

  • FTSE + 0.6% at 7560
  • Ducks + 0.45% in 15167
  • Euro Stocks + 0.4% at 4104

Shares move upwards

Investors are eagerly awaiting inflation data later this week and US stocks will remain stronger after Friday’s rally.

UK stocks traded higher last week, thanks in part to higher earnings and US earnings. According to the NFP report, more than 900,000 jobs were created in December and January, which confirmed fears that Omicron could hit the labor market. However, wage increases have exacerbated inflation by 5.7 percent.

US CPI data is expected to rise to 7.3% yoy this week and core CPI growth to 5.9 percent.

Today’s quiet economic calendar revenues focus on numbers from Tyson Foods, Lows and Hassro.

In another corporate news:

Peloton is reportedly trading at a 33% higher market share, with reports of interest from fitness makers Amazon and Nike. Sales of Peloton increased with the outbreak. However, with the reopening of the gymnasium and a series of public health hazards, the cost of the companies dropped from $ 48 billion to about $ 8 billion by a fifth.

Peloton looks attractive to friends like Amazon, Nike and Disney and Sony – companies are looking to expand their presence in the home, health and wellness space.

Where is next for Nasdaq?

Nasdaq extended recovery from 15750 and down 13725 before falling. 14375 If the October low support and hammer candle design is confirmed, it may indicate a reversal to the 15020 trend line.

FX markets extend losses, AUD rallies.

The US dollar is showing a low inch, up 1.8% from last week. The green back is easing after the federation’s fears over the Fed over the past week. Even astronomical reports and wage hikes did not motivate the US dollar bulls.

AUD / USD is better off following strong Australian retail sales. Sales recorded 8.1% QoQ in Q4, indicating strong consumer spending, which is good for economic growth in the last quarter. Hope for China’s economic stimulus also lifted Australia after the Chinese service sector PMI fell sharply in August.

  • GBP / USD -0.07% at 1.3516
  • Euro / Dollar + 0.04% at 1.1457

Oil spills in US-Iran over 7 years

Oil prices rose for the seventh consecutive week last week. However, oil prices are slowing 7-year highs Signs of growth in Iran – US nuclear talks, could pave the way for the lifting of US sanctions on Iran’s oil sales.

The lifting of current sanctions will help alleviate the tight supply chain that has dominated the oil market for weeks. OPEC + has increased its production quota, which could not alleviate supply concerns because the market doubts whether the new quota, which has been missing for months, can be achieved.

While Iran may help ease current supply issues, this will not be an overnight solution. There may still be a long way to go with running speech.

In other parts of the world, White House National Security Adviser says Russia could invade Ukraine in a few days but still choose a diplomatic path.

  • WTI Raw Trade -0.8% at $ 90.45
  • Brent Trades -0.4% at $ 92.55


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