S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Technical Forecasting Stock Struggles Like War

S&P 500 Technical Price Index Latest Business Standards

  • S&P 500Nasdaq & Dow Technical Trading Rate – Weekly Charts
  • SPX500 Renews trend support – Opposition 4393
  • The Nasdaq crash severely reversed key support in the 13 K-Resolution 14763 area
  • Dow sell-off protects critical support zone near 32K – resistance at 34767

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to weigh on market sentiment, markets are in trouble for consolidating news of war from Europe. S & P, Nasdaq and Dow fell 1.64%, 0.81% and 1.5%, respectively, on Friday. These are goals and failures. Required rankings on the SPX500, NDX and US30 technical charts next week. Review My latest Strategy Webinar For deep damage These are technical stockpiles and several metersMinerals

S&P 500 Price Table – SPX500 Weekly

Technical view Finally S.&P500 Technical view We noticed that it was an SPX500, “to try Under key support over the weekend at 4364/72 – a 61.8% Fibonacci end of January recovery and a 52-week moving average.The weakness above this level poses a risk for the Index’s New Year’s low index with the initial support of 23.9% of the 2019 general rally 4197 – look for a big response if met.The SPX is down next week, before the index reverses the slide, which extends slightly below the 2019 low of 4104.

The rebound failed to become a 52-week moving average this week, in the first place R.Luck as if 4392To break the latest focus to 61.8%, you need to break this limit. Fibonacci 2022 Regional Restoration b 4547. Wide Depression Continuous at the annual high-week closing 4677. every week Support Unchanged by 4197 A.D. Supported by the 2019 trend – Breaking below this slope will result in another accelerated loss for key support at the 100% annual decline in May. 3993-4035.

at last: The S&P 500 rebound remains within the scope of the broader improvement and we are looking to confirm the minimum on another slope support test. From a commercial point of view, look for the answer to the slope of the direction – if you come close to this trend it will break many years of growth in the index – stay here.

S&P 500 Trading Sense – US500 Price chart

S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Technical Forecasting Stock Struggles Like War

  • Summary IG Customer Sense Traders show net-long S&P 500-ratio at +1.27 (55.86% trades are long) – typically weak. Depressionto read
  • They are long places1.51% less than yesterday and 4.51% less than last week
  • They are short spaces It is 8.31% lower than yesterday and 1.27% higher than last week.
  • We typically take the opposite view of crowded emotions, and the fact that traders are taller indicates that the US $ 500 price may continue to fall. Traders are bigger than yesterday but less than last week. The combination of current location and recent changes gives us an additional mixed US 500 trade bias from A. Emotion Attitude.

Nasdaq 100 Price Table – NDX Weekly

S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Technical Forecasting Stock Struggles Like War

Notes: Ours At the end of February, the focus was on 14041, with advanced support for the close of April 2020. We note, “The weakness above this level could lead to a further 38.2% improvement for the 2020 Terminal Termination and another accelerated decline. Prerequisites for 2020 in 12947. ” Breaking below this limit, Nasdaq rebounded by a low of. 38.2% in the 2021 low-week closing / down more than 6% before regaining key support. 12947-13106.

The first objection is straightforward in 14041 With a 52-week mean violation (currently ~14761) It is necessary to indicate the presence of a significantly lower area. Rest below this key support block to 100% extension / 2021 long low risk of serious fall. 12156/208– If so, look for the big answer there.

at last: The sale of the Nasdaq has already renewed technical support and rejected the price this week. From a commercial point of view, expect side-by-side action – we must finally address the weekly closure of this wide range between 12947 – 14041 for guidance.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Price – US30 Weekly

S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Technical Forecasting Stock Struggles Like War

Notes: Of Dow has become more resilient in the face of recent disaster sales and declining trends. last month It will remain viable for this fall. Last week’s downtrend fell to a key support of 100% extension / 23.6%. 32049/537Before he returned well. It was like that Of Low? Expect some noise as the price strengthens beyond this key zone by withstanding a 52-week moving average view. Mid-line Close 34767. More than 61.58% retracement by 35157 It is necessary to indicate the presence of a significantly lower area.

at last: Duo has renewed its support for low-cost support. From a business perspective, look for signs of weakness in the media-line that need to be re-focused. Losses below 32049 At a reversal rate of 38.2%, it is technically very dangerous. 29794. Stay tuned.


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