Shares are falling because the mid-market improvement does not seem to be a nightmare.

U.S. stocks plummeted as geopolitical concerns continued to put pressure on prices and forced the federation to make a tough decision later this year. The federation must tighten its policy to send the economy into recession or reverse it and prevent the policy from becoming too restrictive. Wall Street cannot handle a reversible Fed and some traders seem to be expecting it.

Shares are struggling here as geopolitical instability continues to send energy prices, leaving the image of disproportionate global growth difficult for companies.

The German government has said it will not wait until the new EU sanctions package is approved by the European Union (EU). Aresovich, an adviser to Ukrainian President Yoweri Museveni, expressed hope that the Russian army would stay in many directions and that the war would end before the end of April. If this war does not take place in the summer, that will give some bullshit a guarantee and that inflation could come down by the end of the summer.


Gas prices have risen to seven weeks as expected for the next two weeks in cold weather. If you choose not to opt for a cold front in the Northeast after some good weather and this demand for natural gas should increase.

Oil traders have not had a strong initial response to the EIA crude oil reserves report, as the future of Russia’s sanctions on oil and the shock of European markets could be adjusted. After a positive view of the IAA report, traders realized that the subject of the 2.51 million barrels had hit the Strategic Petroleum Reserve 4.4 million barrels. The oil market is very tight and there is only one way in which the price of oil will remain as US production continues and the stock market declines.


Bond prices are declining and gold prices are declining. Treasury growth and stock prices did not justify investors’ hold on gold. The unusual NATO meeting may not take any serious action against the Russians and this immediate solution could take a long time. Investors will eventually receive a warning that rising productivity and weak growth prospects are not a fair equation for many stocks and that this should intensify the debate. Whether investors choose gold or try to drive anything related to a wave of commodities or return to high tech and consumer stocks is a big deal. Gold should remain stable as long as stocks do not move much.


Today’s hate crime theme Bitcoin is doing well. Bitcoin is stuck above $ 40,000 and this is a good thing for long-term investors. Bitcoin should remain a trading partner until Wall Street can ensure that equity funds continue to function well with all the geopolitical instability in their hands.

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