Purdue’s Cornerstone program was featured in the ‘Blueprint for Undergraduate Education’ report.

Boyer’s 2030 Commission Recognizes Cornerstone as a National Model for Liberal Arts Education

West Lafayette, Ind. – Purdue University’s revolutionary cornerstone integrated liberal arts program continues to garner national attention, this time from the Boyer 2030 Commission, It highlights a national model aimed at developing creative thinking and communication skills in all Purdue academic majors.

The Boyer Commission, composed of “a diverse group of accomplished higher education leaders,” was tasked with creating a 2030 blueprint for undergraduate education at US research universities. The report states, “Cornerstone promoted humanism in general education at Purdue and elsewhere (p. 14).”

David A. Ringold, Purdue’s Justin S. “We are proud to be identified by the Boyer Commission as a cornerstone of the 2030 Blueprint for Undergraduate Research at America’s Research Universities,” said Morrill, dean of liberal arts. “In particular, I am proud to see the College’s decision to include a commitment to teaching cornerstone first-year courses in our new tenure-track faculty hires cited among the university leadership strategies recommended in the report. We believe that a faculty engaged in undergraduate teaching and research reflects our obligation as a public land-grant institution to educate students to become informed citizens.

In addition, the report is a cornerstone certification of why university presidents, chancellors, and provosts need to institutionalize equity and excellence in undergraduate education through faculty hiring practices.

“For example, at Purdue University, new tenure-track hires in the College of Liberal Arts must commit half of their studies to the Cornerstone program described above. When approving hires and/or working with deans, departments and faculty to establish priorities and hiring criteria, to open academic departments that serve the university’s mission. You have the opportunity and the power (page 54).

The Cornerstone Certificate is a 15-credit-hour undergraduate program designed to develop foundational knowledge among all Purdue students. They read the great books called the Changing Texts, some of the greatest words ever spoken or written in human history. The two-semester, first-year sequence is taught by award-winning liberal arts faculty and builds critical thinking and communication skills while broadening students’ horizons. More than 90 faculty members of the College of Liberal Arts teach at Cornerstone. The first-year sequence follows three courses built around a series of themes chosen by the students. By the end of 2022, more than 3,600 students are enrolled in the first-year sequence and nearly 800 students for the full certificate.

In September 2020, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Teagle Foundation announced a $7 million grant for Cornerstone: Learning for Living, a program model based on Purdue’s Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts Certificate. As a result, 35 universities are now using versions of Cornerstone, including Notre Dame, Stanford, Michigan State, Vanderbilt and Texas A&M. Click here for more on the Cornerstone program.

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