MATIC / USD ፡ Crow Choppy Conditions, Polygon is approaching the top

MATIC / USD is approaching an impressive resistance level in light of the high technical limit set for the end of December.


At the time of writing, Polygon has been in good business since last week, challenging the high inflation rate in the last week of December 2021. MATIC / USD often shows gaps in trading and estimates should use input pricing orders when starting an abortion on Polygon. The current MATIC / USD price is around the 2.40000000 mark, but the real resistance is near the 2.43000000 to 2.45000000 level.

At 27We In December, the MATIC / USD traded at 2.9225,000,000, but the highest ever polygon hit 18.We When the May 2021 price hits, for the time being, it is close to $ 3,500,000. MATIC / USD is well-connected to the broader crypto market and has established itself as a key cryptocurrency value. Polygon ranks 13th in terms of market capitalization.

MATIC / USD has shown strong strong bullish followers since October, and does not always reflect its key partners. Higher prices were observed at the end of December and MATIC / USD did not fall by the same weight compared to its crypto-competing cryptocurrencies. MATIC / USD remains surprisingly high in terms of important high-value states.

MATIC / USD will continue to grow with influencers and supporters believing that Polygon will benefit from the growing potential of virtual reality platforms. Technically, if MATIC / USD is able to maintain its current support level, tested last week at 2.34000000 to 2.25000000, this could continue to deteriorate. However, traders should continue to monitor the widescreen crypto market in collaboration with Polygon because if major competitors test their nerves and support levels, this could have an immediate impact on MATC / USD. The low hit 2.18600000 on 14We January.

MATI / USD offers a lot of flexibility. After reaching the top of the 27thWe In December, the low of 1.89900000 was close to hitting 8We January. Short-term traders should use risk management when trading polygon. MATIC / USD can certainly provide valued bidders, but they must be prepared for gaps that may arise when large orders are being issued.

Polygon short-term view

Current resistance: 2.45450000

Current Support: 2.34900000

Maximum target: 2.51650000

Low target: 2.26700000



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