Market Week Future: Dow Jones, Hang Seng, US Dollar, Gold, Crude Oil

On Wall Street, the February CPI hit 7.9% y / y, followed by another strong inflation last week. As prices continue to soar over the next 40 years, the Hawkish Federal Reserve’s monetary policy stakes are down 2.2%, 3.02% and 3.85%, respectively.

This means that tech-heavy Nasdaq has entered the bear market, which is a correction of more than 20%. But things were better in Europe. The DAX 40 and FTSE 100 gained 4.07% and 2.41%, respectively. Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia earlier this week helped boost food demand.

However, hopes of easing geopolitical tensions worsened over the weekend. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to defuse tensions. US President Joe Biden has called on his allies to suspend trade with Russia.

Fair markets were viewed as the worst in the Asia-Pacific region. China ‘s regulatory woes and US security concerns have played a key role. Shares of Alibaba, Tensent and DD fell 13.81%, 11.17% and 53% respectively, and the Hang Sing Tech Index fell more than 10 percent. All of this has led to security concerns, and the US dollar has risen.

Gold prices have been rising since the week, but rising greenbacks and treasury commodities have ended the appeal of yellow metal over the weekend. WTI crude oil prices have also weakened, raising some expectations for inflation as global inflation slows. Although commodity prices remain largely unconditional.

As the federation’s decision approaches next week, all eyes are on Ukraine. The Central Bank is expected to begin its protection cycle at a 25-point rate. The numerical reinforcement may follow soon. Other major emergencies next week include the Bank of Japan and the Bank of Japan. What else will be on the market next week?

US Dollar weekly performance on currencies and gold

As the S&P 500 index rises, Ukraine will face further headaches as the crisis deepens.

The S&P 500 index could continue to fall sharply in Ukraine. The US CPI’s new 40-year high is up 7.9%, raising fears that the federation will become even stronger.

Euro / USD forecast next week Euro Bres for Fed Reinforcement

As markets prepare for next week’s Fed rate hike, this week’s return from the euro bulls could be tense.

Bitcoin (BTC / USD) resistance will remain strong as mid-week optimism fades

Bitcoin is experiencing two levels of resistance that are difficult to break, making it more vulnerable to further losses.

Australian Dollar Outlet Holds Commodities During Hurricane Katrina.

The Australian dollar is fluctuating in commodity markets. Will other basics go to AUD / USD?

Brent crude oil forecasting markets continue to seek additional supply.

Brent remains volatile due to rising oil prices. As OPEC continues to miss out on target targets and further supply measures are in jeopardy

GBP / USD weekly forecast GBP risk ahead of Fed and BoEFor the BoE to move at a rate of 25bps, meanwhile, the federation could offer a surprise.

Gold Price Basic Prediction FOMC to take a back seat to Ukraine risks

Gold prices are subject to the FOMC but the federation may take a “wait and see” approach to the volatility and instability of the war. Bullie’s latest direction is based on the situation in Ukraine this week.

Technical forecasts

British pound technical forecast GBP / USD at deep dive risk, fiber level focus

GBP / USD could serve as a price point for price action due to the recent negative market sentiment and significant lack of support zones.

Canadian Dollar Technical Forecasting USD / CAD is measured at key technical levels

The Canadian dollar is currently trading heavily with key partners, as price action continues to threaten key technical standards.

Crude oil forecast oil oil spike signals fatigue-WTI forward

WTI, the biggest weekly loss since November, may have run out of oil this week. Required Technical Business Standards on Crude Weekly Chart.

Gold Price Forecast Gold Outlook is hacked by the RSI sell signal

Recent developments in the RSI indicate a recent reversal in gold prices when the oscillator moves below 70 to reflect the textbook.

Is the US Dollar Rally Ready for the Next Level? Euro / USD, GBP / USD, AUD / USD, USD / JPY

Over the past week, the US dollar has increased against most of its top friends, leaving it with more profit. What are the key steps to look at for EUR / USD, GBP / USD, AUD / USD and USD / JPY?

S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones Predictions Bears knocking on support

It was a tough sell-off for the stock to start and end the week, but next week it will bring the federation in and the commodity prices will continue to fluctuate with inflation.


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