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Male students in Afghanistan boycotted classes because of the ban on higher education for women

Kabul [Afghanistan]December 26/2010 Following the Taliban’s ban on women’s university education, male students across the country began to walk out of school to protest the ban on women’s higher education, Tolo News reported on Sunday.

The male students protested strongly to pursue their studies until they were opened to female students as well.

“We will continue our boycott and if women’s classes are not opened, we will oppose our studies and we will not continue our studies,” said student Muzamel, who said the Taliban had banned women’s education in the country.

“Universities are closed to our sisters. We don’t want to go to university either,” said another student, Nawidullah.

In addition, several teachers at Kabul University asked the Taliban to reconsider their decision and stated in Tolo News that it is unfortunate that educational institutions are closed.

“We ask the Islamic Emirates to open universities for our sisters,” said teacher Tawfiqullah.

“My two sisters are also pursuing their higher education, but because of the closure of institutions, I will not continue,” said Mohebullah, another student.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education banned higher education for female students in early December. The decision caused widespread protests and international condemnation.

In the year As of August 15, 2021, authorities have barred girls from attending high school, restricted the freedom of movement of girls and women, excluded women from most areas of the workforce, and barred women from using parks, gyms, and public bathrooms.

These bans are completed by binding Afghan women and girls to the four walls of their homes. (ANI)

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