LINK / USD: An uncomfortable trend can increase nervousness

LINK / USD is nearing a significant mid-term support after a short-term bullish rally suddenly disappears and support levels are at risk.


LINK / USD opens today’s trading with significant mid-range support. The current price of Chainlink is at a weak point of 2300,000 in early December, with the lowest prices in early December. Yes, LINK / USD has shown strong momentum since the end of December 11 days.We January, but speculators may believe this was a trap, especially as the vast cryptocurrency market has once again become nervous.

LINK / USD is working hard to connect with its key partners and the high price range established in the second week of November is beginning to be remembered. After trading over 38.00000 on 10We In November, the trend was weak. And with a mid-term technical chart, the price range of 17.00000 to 23.00000 is very easy to distinguish from 3.rd From December to the end of the month.

We have seen LINK / USD do some bullying in the last two weeks, but this has been done in the locker room with its key partners. Over the past few days, as trading conditions have returned to normal, support levels have deteriorated and the cryptocurrency market has begun to show signs of volatility.

Violent traders who believe LINK / USD is over-selling may be tempted to buy at the current level of support if they can be sustainable. However, more cautious bullies want to expect higher price action in order to speed up, and then keep prices above 2700,000 to 28,000,000 before you can chase the long haul by breaking the resistance.

The risk aversion in LINK / USD seems to be more volatile than the upward trend. If the current support near 23.00000 is low, traders cannot be blamed for believing that 22,50000 to 22.00000 will be available in the near future.

LINK / USD Selling on the upside with price orders that ignite short positions. The broadband market seems to be in a shambles and if this nervous tension persists for a while, ChinaLink could find itself in the price range in December a few weeks ago.

Chainlink Short View

Current resistance: 24.36000

Current Support: 22.76000

Top target: 26.54000

Low target: 20.72000



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