How East Delta University is changing the landscape of higher education.

East Delta University in Chattogram started its journey with the aim of providing excellent higher education and has since strived for excellence. In the year Established in 2006, EDU moved to its own permanent campus in its seventh year as the smallest university in Bangladesh. Located at the top of the Kulshi hills, the campus has a distinctive architectural style with a red brick exterior and a modern well-equipped interior that is often full of active students.

Abdullah Al Noman, a former minister and social worker who graduated from Oxford University and the London School of Economics, and his son Saeed Al Noman founded the university with the aim of bringing about qualitative changes in the conditions of social and economic development and human resources. The Chatgram founders are the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the EDU Board of Trustees respectively, while noted economist Prof. Muhammad Sikandar Khan holds the office of Vice Chancellor.

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In the year In 2008, two years after its inception, EDU started its educational journey with only five students in BBA and MBA programs. This number has increased significantly over the years due to the quality of education provided by the institution. It currently offers 11 undergraduate and graduate programs in three schools: Business Administration, Science, Engineering and Technology, and Liberal Arts.

The programs are BBA, MBA, BA and MA in English, BSc in Economics, BSc and MSc in CSE, BSc in EEE, BSc and MSc in IT, Master of Public Policy and Leadership (MPPL) and MSc in Data Analysis and Design. Business thinking.

“We are not just a degree-granting university, we are also creating international products from our students,” said founding vice-chairman Syed Al Noman with the Daily Star.

At EDU, students are being prepared in a way that transcends regional boundaries and has a lasting impact on a global scale.

“Most of our alumni are currently in high-level positions or doing research in prestigious universities around the world. The emphasis of the curriculum design is on helping students create a value-based education. In addition, we strive to develop a variety of skills, especially soft skills.” He added.

EDU has a number of different functions and specializations that differentiate it from other private higher education institutions in Bangladesh.

One-of-a-kind master programs

Understanding the demand for higher education in Bangladesh, EDU has launched special Masters programs to develop students and highly skilled professionals. Apart from conventional Masters programs such as MA in English and MSc in CSE/ITE, EDU has recognized the importance of globally renowned subjects such as data analytics, design thinking for business, public policy and leadership for the first time in Bangladesh. Being a pioneer in providing such programs.

Diverse faculty pool and research focus

EDU follows a North American curriculum and the university has carefully selected faculty members who can do justice to the system. Most of EDU’s faculty come from top universities around the world with quality teaching and research experience, which is evident in their teaching and research. Apart from this, professors and researchers from various international universities are regularly conducting workshops and seminars at EDU.

Furthermore, EDU has always had a desire to be more research-based and its infrastructure has been built with this objective in mind. A two-storied state-of-the-art library with thousands of books and an e-library are also set up to ensure research resources. JStore, Emerald, and IEEE, the richest online resources for researchers, have been added to the EDU database, along with countless additional methods.

The ratio of doctorate holders among teachers is 5:1; That is, 1 out of 5 teachers has a PhD. EDU has purchased university-wide subscriptions to Tunein’s plagiarism detection software for each and every teacher and student. As a result, the tendency to copy from other research or assignments is reduced and important core research practices are developed among all, which are regularly implemented in various research-based master’s programs.

International graduate leadership experience and international alliances

EDU gives students the opportunity to see and experience first-hand how the world’s largest and most prestigious institutions are run. Through the International Postgraduate Leadership Experience program, EDU students can gain this experience by visiting these institutions abroad and meeting with relevant officials.

Another significant aspect of the provision of world-class higher education is the student and research exchange agreement with seven international universities. These are Central Michigan University, USA; International Islamic University, Malaysia; INTI International University, Malaysia; University of Technology Petronas, Malaysia; Western Norway University of Applied Sciences; University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia; and University of Portsmouth, UK.

According to this agreement, our teachers and students can study for PHD, Masters or graduation in these foreign universities.

Entrance Academy

The university’s founder, Access Academy, aims to help newly admitted students develop their university-level reading, writing and presentation skills and bridge gaps in their knowledge to become proficient in English and mathematics.

In addition, this school provides training in important soft skills, ideas and how to communicate them effectively, and cultural awareness and other socio-cultural challenges of the modern world that students face and cannot cope with.

Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Fund

The Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Fund is another important initiative of EDU to provide free education to women suffering from social, economic and cultural challenges to produce future leaders and bring about constructive change in society.

This is a ‘Matching Grant’ fund to provide free education to underprivileged women around the world, including Bangladesh, and EDU officials have taken up this project to empower marginalized women to take leadership roles in social and professional fields to build sustainable leadership for society. A confident and responsible woman has the power to bring about change as we know it.

Scholarships named after national heroes

EDU has launched various scholarships named after Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Huq, Martyr Nutan Chandra Singha and Anti-British Revolutionary Binod Bihari Chowdhury to honor the history of Bengal and promote patriotism. Under these scholarships, students enrolled in the Public Policy and Leadership, MSc in Data Analytics and Design Thinking for Business and MA in English programs will receive a 70 percent subsidy on tuition fees.

Extra-curricular and extra-curricular activities

In addition to all these, the university is providing additional educational support to students and teachers. The Academic Advising Program and support clinics enable students to navigate their university life in an organized manner by assigning permanent faculty members for any necessary academic assistance.

In addition, extracurricular and extracurricular activities, students are encouraged to join the many clubs available to develop their extracurricular activities. They are also constantly motivated to participate in various intellectual programs such as EDU Incubation Foundry and EDU Future Factory. EDU as an institution always strives to nurture young entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers.

EDU graduate characteristics

Finally, all the incentives and facilities mentioned above are given to the students and teachers of the university with one goal in mind: to make them global citizens and to embody the qualities of a graduate in their character.

This unique set of attributes is divided into five broad categories, namely domain knowledge, research awareness, leadership development, soft skills development and global citizenship. Once cultivated in individuals, these skills help them become leaders and pioneers in multicultural environments.

To put it in a nutshell, EDU is continuously on its journey of excellence bringing world class education to Chattogram. From its magnificent campus, its academic activities, the recognition and inclusion of international standards in its curriculum to the various effective support programs, the university has set a unique future for all associated with the institution.

The authority always welcomes questions and curiosity about the institution, so the website ( is always available to answer general questions, and the admissions office on campus is ready to answer more detailed questions.

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