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Hochul: Grant helps low-income kids prepare for college

New York State is receiving $28 million in federal aid for a seven-year program to prepare low-income students for college, Gov. Cathy Hochul announced Thursday.

The funds will support more than 6,200 students in the GEAR UP program, a seven-year program that begins in middle school and includes the first year of college.

“My administration is committed to expanding equitable access to higher education for all New York students,” Hochul said. “By providing resources for students from low-income families, we’re removing barriers to postsecondary education and ensuring that all New Yorkers have the tools they need to thrive. Setting our students up for success will help them have the greatest competitive advantage in our state, nation and beyond.”

The program is designed to enhance students’ career readiness and provide professional development for teachers, counselors and administrators for parents and guardians.

New York is one of two states to receive GEAR UP funding from the Department of Education in 2022. The funds are administered by the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation in conjunction with SUNY, CUNY and the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities.

“New York State’s GEAR UP program has helped make postsecondary education accessible to thousands of New York students, and I am pleased that New York is receiving this award so that more underrepresented students can get the support they need to participate and succeed,” said Guillermo Linares, president of New York State’s Higher Education Services. “We must continue to provide a path to college for high-income students who face inequities as barriers to higher education.”


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