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Higher Education Week – January 19, 2023

Adrian Egli, director of the Institute of Medical Microbiology at the University of Zurich, says the Swiss Army wants to fill its underground fortifications with human excrement. Far from being a prankster, Professor Eagly is keen to preserve the waste he has accumulated for the benefit of future generations. Most of the nearly 3,000 turds in the collection come from the Swiss foothills, he said. The Times It provides a survey of pre-industrial gut bacteria from Puerto Rico and pastoral Ethiopia. Professor Eagly insists that, like ice cores or crop seeds, super-frozen dung can be a reference library of the same interior from time to time. While the great and the good at the World Economic Forum in Davos bemoan the future of charismatic beasts, the keeper of the chair from Zurich has some ideas for the little guy. “If the elephant is gone, you don’t have an obvious problem with your own health. If your microbiome is disturbed in some way, it can have serious consequences.

It is a universally recognized truth that a man who owns a sports car should be confident about his penis. But does this modern-day masculinity really need to be scrutinized? Yes it does, says UCL’s Daniel Richardson, whose pre-publication on the repository PsyArxiv seems to confirm the world’s sleuth suspicions. After being presented with seemingly irrelevant facts, he asked 200 men to rate their preferences for various products. After being primed with the idea that the average erect penis is 10 cm or 18 cm long, participants were presented with a picture of a sports car. Young men desired the vehicle regardless of its shape, but older men (average length 13 cm) designed to look seductively at their members rarely desired the car. Professor Richardson said. The Times This line of questioning can go and go. “What’s the scope of the penis? Is it just a car? Is it a hunting tool? But despite the incredible opportunities for public participation, the psychologist worries about the career he’s plotting. “I’m not sure I want to be Professor Penny.

Like the rest of the Earth, Florida is warming. But in the Sun’s realm, as with Mercury, the political stakes rise quickly. Governor Ron DeSantis A leading contender for the US presidency in 2024, the University of Florida has hired former Republican Senator Ben Sasse, another critic of former President Donald Trump, as president. Perhaps there is something surprising when the university spoils his appointment by spending $300,000 (£246,000) on the president’s residence, a swimming pool. A spokesperson for the university said. The Gainesville Sun Dr. Sasse did not request the watering hole or comment on its design. Dr. Sasse may need to cool down during his tenure — the university has suffered from Mr. DeSantis’ political interference, such as tying public funding to staff surveys and personal opinions of students.

Ukrainian students are having a hard time. We are grateful to the Moscow Higher School of Economics for its kindness to such a student. Daria Medvedchuk was one of three students who submitted fake certificates after missing exams last summer, according to an investigation by the independent news website. Medusa. Such fraud usually means dismissal, but Ms. Medvedchuk has the advantage of having Vladimir Putin as her godfather. After suspicions arose, the university staff said that they were visited by a man and a woman who “looked like gangsters, with leather jackets and evil eyes”, offering more certificates, alcohol and sweets. Ms. Medvedchuk is still registered.

“You know exactly who you’d like to be in your worst nightmares. Our job is to bring those dreams to life. Whether it’s a lusty trainer, a ripped gym crush or a friend who’s too scared to move, we can make the magic happen. Such was the case with Oxshag – a short-lived Oxford University matchmaking site that pulled institutional profiles without permission; The Times He reported. It created the eyes of astonished staff and students for a day before it was covered in red tape by data protection. “Move fast and collect things” Once a Harvard sophomore, Mark Zuckerberg started his $500 billion empire with a simple desire to help his fellow students connect. In these more controlled times, creative destruction quickly returns to the source.

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