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SALINAS VALLEY – The Campaign for College Opportunity has honored Hartnell College as a 2022 Champion of Equity in Higher Education for breaking down transfer barriers, advancing racial equity and rewarding its students’ degree completion.

The Salinas campus is one of the leading institutions in the state for transfer applications for Black, Latinx, or both Black and Latinx students – helping the state make college dreams come true for thousands of students.

The transition from a community college to a four-year university continues to be a bureaucratic, inconsistent, and confusing mess, with students having to systematically navigate different information and requirements at each campus. Although transfer is supposed to be a two-year process, less than 3% of students at California community colleges transfer after two years and only 23% after four years.

One key effort that is paving the way for transfer is the transfer associate degree. In the year In 2010, then-California State Senator Alex Padilla, the Campaign for College Opportunity, sponsored historic transfer reform legislation that created a clear path for students to obtain guaranteed admission and an associate degree by standing as a junior in the CSU system.

ADT ensures that students can transfer without collecting excess units, saving them time and money. To date, California community colleges have awarded more than 426,000 ADT.

Transfer ADT students enrolled in a certified pathway at CSU are more likely to graduate and take fewer classes, earning their bachelor’s degree in a shorter time than other students.

“This year, we celebrate the 30 California community colleges and California state universities that are shaping the transfer experience of students with ADT loyalty,” said Michele Siqueiros, president of the Campaign for College Opportunity. “That’s what ADT set out to do when it was created over a decade ago, and we applaud each campus for their commitment to serving students and ensuring a vibrant economy for our region.”

The Campaign for College Opportunity is California’s nonprofit, bipartisan policy and research organization focused on one mission: to ensure that all Californians have an equal opportunity to attend and succeed in college to build a vibrant workforce, economy and democracy. For more information, visit CollegeCampaign.org.

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