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Forex Basics for Beginners

More than 150 simple business improvements have been implemented by the federal government, said Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture.

During a visit to the Ishke Tolamram Foundation in Lagos on Monday, Mr Mohammed said the improvements were the invention of the PEBEC.One of the reforms was the Companies and Partnership Act. CAMA 2020 President Muhammadu Buhari has announced that he has introduced at least 15 new decrees that will promote trade facilitation and reduce regulatory barriers in Nigeria.

According to him, Government initiatives have helped the country rise 39 places in the World Bank’s trade index since 2016.

“To understand the importance of growth in the World Bank’s business index, we need to remember that between 2007 and 2015, Nigeria easily lost 64 places in the World Bank rankings,” he said.

The Minister noted that the 2018 Sub-National Business Report for Nigeria has made unprecedented progress and recognized the World Economic Forum (WEF) as the most entrepreneurial part of Nigeria’s 2018 business environment. In the world, and highlighting Nigeria’s improved competitiveness in the business environment.

Mr. Mohammed PEBEC, in collaboration with the National Council on Mobile Property Act (STMA), 2017 and Credit Reporting Act, 2017, provides a legal framework for coordination of movable assets with the creation of the National Securities and Exchange Commission. CRA 2017 revises credit report in Nigeria.

“The creation of the National Securities Regulatory Register (NRC) with the support of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of the Central Bank of Nigeria in May 2016 ensures that valid bonds can be registered. More than N1 trillion assets have been registered so far.

When other improvements outlined by the Ministry are made available to business people, Visa, reducing the time it takes for a company to register with the Enterprise Affairs Commission – at the Company Registration Portal (CRP) – takes about two weeks to a few. Days – and electronic delivery and payment of federal taxes.

He thanked the Tolaram Foundation for its support in Nigeria, particularly in the health sector, as well as job creation and vocational training, saying the free artificial limbs have created hope for consumers.

“I am confident that the Foundation has provided more than 19,000 free artificial limbs at the IISK Lim Centers and Mobile Camps in Lagos and Port Harcourt. I also know that 242 students have graduated from the Foundation’s Vocational Training Program and 157 have started earning a living. This is amazing and even the Aishke Foundation congratulates you for this.

ISHK Foundation Program Director, Director of the ISHK Foundation, who hosted the Minister around the Lagos Center, said the Foundation, which is backed by a 25 per cent profit from Tolaram Group, is in the next 100-. History of the Tolaram Charitable Year.

He said the foundation will work with churches, mosques, hospitals and non-governmental organizations to identify people who need artificial limbs.


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