Expected Hedera (HBAR) price forecast to be more negative?

Earlier on Thursday, HBAR posted a slight slump in the last few sessions, while investors’ leaders were selling cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and Ethereum saw a sharp decline. At the time of writing, the HBAR / USD is trading at around $ 0.274.

The crypto market has been trading in red for several seasons in the wake of protests against the government’s rise in oil prices, including the disruption of Kazakhstan’s internet service, and its frustration has been fueled by a number of promising news reports. As the second country to be involved in bitcoin mining, cybercrime has hurt the mining industry and devalued Bitcoin. In addition, US Congress reports that they are preparing to investigate secret currencies, particularly the environmental impact of Poe Bitcoin, have derailed most digital currencies.

As a market leader, activities in Bitcoin express the sentiments of investors and other digital assets, including Hedera. In the absence of significant fundamental developments, activities in HBAR may be driven by market sentiment in the near future.

Meanwhile, in the long run, it looks promising for the future, especially as more dApps are launched around the world and developers are looking for decentralized ecosystems that offer higher transaction speed, energy efficiency and lower transaction costs. Hedera Hashgraph Web 3 is one of the most promising technologies for running applications and could make significant changes to meta-related projects in the coming months, making HBAR supported.

According to the famous Crypto influencer David Goxtine, Hedera is one of the eight best performing currencies this year. A.D. After growing 10 times by 2021, the developers remain optimistic that adoption will grow in the long run, making HBAR a promising crypto to HODL.

HBAR / USD Technical Analysis

Hedera will be featured alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and Polygon in a shark tank star Kevin Olivier Crypto portfolio. The potential for innovation in digital asset investments remains promising, which could indicate a time of turmoil for the HBAR simulation.

H4 price technical analysis reveals a strong bias between the moving average and leading technical indicators MACD and Momentum. This indicates a further decline in HBAR in the near future.

Hedera is priced at $ 0.30 per share and also down $ 0.28 from initial support. If sales pressure increases, the next step is the second support at $ 0.25, so let’s keep an eye on it.


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