Europe-US unite over Ukraine-Russia war

Euro, US Dollar Talk Points

  • Euro / dollar To the support slide, Ukraine and Russia move secure currencies
  • Euros lose momentum, German intervention and escalating supply shortages push up energy prices (oil and gas)
  • US Dollar Secure Appeal Cars PRice action Low but EUR / USD bears did not break 1.110

Euro/USD As the war between Russia and Ukraine intensified, prices plummeted.

International leaders unite to support Ukraine Additional sanctions against Russia in both the EU and the US Energy prices have raised concerns about a key factor in rising inflation.

Europe’s biggest economy has announced that Germany will send military aid to Ukraine, the euro has fallen, supporting the safe haven.

Fundamentals of Euro Trading What is Euro USD and why is it traded

As inflation continues to be a key issue for policymakers, the ECB (European Central Bank) and the Federal Reserve now face additional hurdles, raising doubts about the pace of interest rates.

Euro / Dollar Technical Analysis

UR / USD price action is under pressure. The main currency pair Abandoned. Vulnerable to geopolitical risks.

Although the downtrend (higher than June 2021) is currently unsettled, price action is set in the middle Fibonacci levels Both historical and 2020-2021 activities. After falling below 12 1.129 (- – – 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1.)))))) ድ ድ ድ ድ ድ ድ ች ች ች በፊት በፊት በፊት (((((((((((((((((((

Prices are currently comfortably below 50-day MA (average moving)The key psychological level of 1.110 remains as the key psychological level which continues to hold the bears. Meanwhile, the CCI (Commodity Channel Index) has fallen into a negative territory, indicating that the pair may be over-selling.

Euro / USD Daily Chart

Euro / USD Key Rates

Support levels

  • S1 ፡ 1. 1.200
  • S2 ፡ 1.1.2
  • S3 ፡ 1.1.0

Levels of resistance

  • R1 ፡ 1 1.128
  • R2 ፡ 1 1 ፡ 13 13
  • R3 ፡ 1.1.14

Euro / USD sentiment

Europe and the United States are united in the Ukraine-Russia war

Euro / dollar: According to retail data, 60.25% of traders traded long, while traders traded long-term and 1.52 to 1 percent. Traders’ Net-Long is up 24.36% yesterday and 6.89% last week; Traders’ net-short is 1.55% yesterday and 24.15% less than last week.

We typically take a negative view of public sentiment, and the fact that traders have a long history suggests that the EUR / USD price may continue to fall.

Traders are more of a network than yesterday and last week, and the combination of current sentiment and recent changes gives us strong trade bias against the USD.


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