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  • Euro Modern technical business standards – daily and daily charts
  • Euro / dollar Downhill Trading Support is now focused on resilience
  • Opposition 1.1109, 1.150, 1.1221 / 31 (Key) – Support 1.0920 / 26, 1.0814 / 31 (Critical)

The euro is up about 3% this week USD Before you are dragged back with focused technical support. With no surprises ECB Today, the focus is on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which encourages the world to take part in a major conflict. In terms of business, the standards are clear and we look forward to a lot of hard work in the coming days. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Euro/USD Technical charts for the weekend. Review My latest Strategy Webinar FOr deep damage Technical of this euro preparation More.

Euro Prices – Euros / Dollars per day

Technical View In the last month Euro Price Outlook We understand that. “The V-shaped recovery will take the EUR / USD into a recession – looking for potential fluctuations here… “What a revelation! The euro has been flattening for weeks. Price has gained support this week at a critical technical close to 25%. 1.0814 / 31– Pre-88.6% retracement in 2020 and 78.6% retracement. So, is it at a recent low?

Euro Prices – Euro / Dollar 240 minutes

Euro Prices - Euro / USD 240 Minutes - Euro vs US Dollar Trading - EURUSD Technical Forecast

Notes: A closer look at the Euro price action shows that the Euro / USD trade is in a downward spiral Fork Formation extending at the height of January / February. Again here the lower parallel position b 1.0814 / 31 Earlier this week. The focus is now on the two-day protest rally on the roof of the first protest 1.1109. Next Resist Objectives are high 1.1150 And December low / 61.8% Fibonacci Renewal of year-to-day range by 1.1217 / 31 If EUR / USD is really declining, the price should not exceed this limit.

First Support This weekly trend (red) is supported by the weekly open / 61.8% weekly support line at 1.0920 / 26– Weakness beyond this zone could lead to further accelerated downtrend with the minimum rest near the 2020 minimum day near / lower parallel 1,0726.

at last: EUR / USD has changed with the support of the downtrend and we need a response to the downward trend. From a commercial point of view, expect the fatigue before 1.1217/31 and below the weekly opening required to lower the next leg. I have updated. Euro Weekly Price Outlook After gaining more clarity on long-term USD technical trading levels.

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Euro Trading Sense – Euro / Dollar Price Index

Euro Trading Sense - Euro / USD Chart - Euro vs US Retail Position - EURUSD Technical View

  • Summary IG Customer Sense It shows that the traders are net long Euro/ USD – Ratio at + 1.46 (59.41% traders are long) – is usually weak. Depression to read
  • They are long places 13.73% less than yesterday and 15.51% less than last week
  • They are short spacesIt is 16.21% higher than yesterday and 7.46% higher than last week.
  • We typically take a negative view of public sentiment, and the fact that traders have a long history suggests that the EUR / USD price may continue to fall. But traders are less than yesterday and compared to last week. Recent changes in Emotion Warn that the current euro / dollar exchange rate may rise soon, even though traders have come a long way.

Key Euro / US Economic Data Releases

Key Euro / US Economic Releases - Euro / USD Weekly Event Risk


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