Dive into big support for next week’s stock market forecast

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  • The S&P 500 is coming from record highs, looking for trend support
  • Dow Jones holds the best of the three major indexes
  • Nasdaq wants to test 100 bull market channel

S&P 500 Technical Forecast

Of S&P 500 It is weakening from a record high, and support for that trend from October 2020 is paying attention. He has been well-received for the past month, we will see if he can do it again. For now, they tend to be trending and supporting the benefits of skepticism.

Tactically, disengagement can pave the way for longing to return to a new record. However, if support does not come to the fore, then the failure to market will be a major setback, perhaps even worse.

S&P 500 Daily ChartT

S&P 500 chart by Tradingview

Dow Jones Technical Forecast

Of Dow Jones It ranks better than S&P and Nasdaq, so as long as this is the case, this would be good for the top. Stay tuned for more SPX support in anticipation of tagging in the coming days. If the renewed stock market strength is to be revisited soon, the next relative strength will make the Dow even more attractive.

Dow Jones Daily Chart

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Dow Jones chart by Tradingview

Nasdaq 100 Technical Forecast

Of Nasad 100 In terms of overall leadership level, it is a little behind and a concern for the wider market. However, switching from high-priority new school names to old school names may change the course. NDX is testing horizontal support here around 15550/650. More importantly, we need to look at the bottom line from September 2020. If you want to see this latest weakening process go beyond correction, it is important to keep the channel structure up. Channel splitting can pave the way for a major reversal.

Nasdaq 100 daily chart

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