Commodities and cryptic oil is volatile, gold has fallen, Bitcoin


Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has seen “some positive changes” in his talks with Ukraine. The headlines on the Ukraine-Iran nuclear talks will keep traders on the brink of extinction, and oil remains a volatile trade. Russia and Ukraine have agreed to a ceasefire, but Russia has not been able to do so for some time.

Energy traders have speculated that Iran has little chance of improving its nuclear deal this week, and talks have now stalled. After a wild week, Moscow continues its air strikes on oil prices, and some analysts fear that nuclear talks between Kiev and Iran have not broken down but that they could try again. Oil prices continue to plummet as Ukraine’s war intensifies. The oil supply side has been holding this market for some time and WTI crude should see a big support at the $ 100 level.

WTI crude looks set to end the week in a positive way because the oil market does not seem to be getting any immediate relief.


Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has said that there are some positive changes in the talks with Ukraine. Gold is less than $ 2,000 before President Putin hopes investors’ ceasefire talks are moving in the right direction.

However, growth risks will not go away soon, and the return of gold here must be limited. It may take some time for gold to regain the $ 2,000 level, but the bull market continues to raise inflationary pressures and the war in Ukraine is likely to escalate immediately.


Bitcoin has fallen after the UK’s financial regulator ordered the closure of Bitcoin ATMs. In the UK, 33 crypto companies are fully registered with the FSA, but none of them are ATM operators. This is a small obstacle to mainstream acceptance, but it does not undermine Bitcoin’s long-term bull issue.

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