Weekly Focus – Fed is accelerating

As the crisis in Ukraine temporarily subsided, markets began to turn their attention to other issues, particularly monetary policy.. Despite Russia’s demand for gas rubles, volatile oil prices rose again to USD / bbl 120, positive risk increases and stocks remained stable. For the first time since 2018, roll production has risen by more than … Read more

Discontinue forex placement for BDC operators in Nairobi

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the seminarCurrency exchange management and economic disparity in Nigeria’s ‘PAVE’ option”As a theme. “As a result of our demand management policy, Naira has stabilized the integration of CBN and NAFEX prices in the I&E window, especially after the FX allocation for Office D change operators. “Banks are … Read more

Shares are falling because the mid-market improvement does not seem to be a nightmare.

U.S. stocks plummeted as geopolitical concerns continued to put pressure on prices and forced the federation to make a tough decision later this year. The federation must tighten its policy to send the economy into recession or reverse it and prevent the policy from becoming too restrictive. Wall Street cannot handle a reversible Fed and … Read more

Birr price forecast rise bond increase will create expensive head wind

Silver Price Forecast: Soaring Bond Yields Create Headwinds for Precious Metals

XAG / USD view S.As U.S. treasury production peaked for several years, Ilver prices fell 1.6 percent. Investors predict that the Central Bank’s consolidation cycle will be stronger than expected this week. Falcon Fedspeak In this article we will examine the key technical steps for XAG / USD Most read: Federal Chairman Paul said gold … Read more

Forex Basics for Beginners | Business Post Nigeria

Forex Basics for Beginners More than 150 simple business improvements have been implemented by the federal government, said Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture. During a visit to the Ishke Tolamram Foundation in Lagos on Monday, Mr Mohammed said the improvements were the invention of the PEBEC.One of the reforms was the Companies and … Read more

Top 5 Algorithm Models for Forex Trading

Algorithm models are mathematical equations that investors can use to predict the currency pair. Algorithm is a step-by-step process with rules that generate the result. Investors can use this model to predict future currency pair movements based on past behavior. In recent years the use of algorithmic models has been increasing due to their ability … Read more