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British Pound Forecast (GBPUSD) Sterling Unsupported by US

GBP / USD Price, Chart and Analysis

  • The US dollar sterling continued to sway to and fro.
  • Important multi-month support zone approaches GBP / USD free fall.
  • Euro / GBP weakens further below 0.8250 Euros

At the end of the week, the strength of the FX market is driven by the strength of the US dollar and its dominance over all major currencies. The EUR / USD has a two-year low of 1.0885, and the GBP / USD has now fluctuated by 1.3220, which is 1.4242 below the ten-year high of 2021. While Sterling is weak, the bulk of this sale is led by the dollar and there is little reason for the USD to lose any recent gains, but cable could test the support between 1.3160 ​​and 1.3200.

GBP / USD Daily Chart – March 4, 2022

Displays retailer information 60.81% of traders are net-long, while the ratio of traders from long to short is 1.55 to 1. Traders ‘Net-Long was up 6.47% yesterday and 1.92% over last week, while Traders’ Net-Short was up 7.79% yesterday and up 3.01% last week.

We typically take a negative view of public sentiment, and the fact that traders are long indicates that the GBP / USD price may continue to fall. Position is longer than yesterday but shorter than last week. The combination of current emotions and recent changes gives us more. Mixed GBP / USD trading bias.

Sterling is showing weaker than the Euro, followed by a Long time Towards a fall. Unbroken series low altitude and low altitude Stay in their place Seen at the end of June 2016. The CCI indicator is flashing a sell-out warning, which could provoke further short-term losses, but a long-term trend could not be reached as long as 0.8000. Discount.

Euro / GBP Daily Chart – March 4, 2022

British Pound Forecast (GBPUSD) Sterling Unscrupulous in US Dollar

Economy Calendar is relatively clear from next week’s UK news release. to become Monthly GDP.


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