Bitcoin Evolution Review 2022- Fraud or Legal ?

Bitcoin Evolution is a crypto trading robot that can automatically trade bitcoin and other popular crypto currencies. According to Bitcoin Evolution, you do not need any experience to start using this software and there are no business charges to worry about. The platform can trade 24/7, so you do not miss the opportunity to trade in the ever-expanding crypto market.

So, is Bitcoin Evolution legal? Ours Bitcoin Evolution Review So the crypto robot covers everything you need to know.

Bitcoin Evolution Summary

Let’s start our Bitcoin Evolution review with a quick summary of this crypto trading platform.

Property for sale BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, Forex
Trading hours 24/7
The success rate claimed nothing else
Need experience? No
Minimum deposit $ 250
Mobile application No

What is Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform, also known as a Bitcoin robot. This software can automatically buy and sell secret currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum on your behalf and sell them for profit or loss. The stated goal of Bitcoin Evolution is to make a profit on your trading.

One unique thing about Bitcoin Evolution is that it is completely free of charge. According to the Bitcoin Evolution website, this platform does not charge account fees, deposits or withdrawals, or even a trade commission. You can start with a minimum deposit of $ 250 to find out if Bitcoin Evolution is right for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Evolution




  • Trade crypto 24/7 automatically
  • No account or business fees
  • Can trade crypto and forex pairs.
  • No business experience required
  • Display provides business mode




  • Success rates are unclear.
  • Requires a minimum of $ 250 deposit



How does Bitcoin Evolution work?

According to the website, Bitcoin Evolution is based on an algorithm to determine the encryption market over time. Platform algorithms can identify pre-emergence patterns at a specific cryptocurrency price.

When Bitcoin Evolution finds these patterns, it will start trading on your behalf. For example, when the platform thinks the price will increase, it may buy Bitcoin. Once the price target is reached or the system starts to collapse, the platform closes your business for profit or loss. All funds, including any profits, will be returned to your business account.

Because Bitcoin’s evolution is driven by an algorithm, the platform says it can operate 24/7 without interruption. This is important because Bitcoin Evolution is able to trade encrypted currencies on a daily basis, creating more opportunities for trading.

Bitcoin’s evolution does not explain the success of the algorithm that closes profitable trades. Our Bitcoin Evolution Review could not confirm the success rate of the platform. Remember that all trades carry risks and crypto currencies are highly volatile investment products.

Key Features of Bitcoin Evolution

Our Bitcoin Evolution Review has identified several key features that differentiate this Bitcoin trading platform.

No experience required

According to the Bitcoin Evolution website, new merchants do not need any experience to start using this platform. The service says you can start using Bitcoin Evolution in minutes. The automatic nature of the platform means that you do not have to manually approve or execute businesses.

Bitcoin Evolution Traders will spend a few minutes each day checking your account and will ensure that the algorithms are tailored to the current market conditions.

Trading Crypto and Forex

Bitcoin Bitcoin Evolution can trade various currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash. Trading multiple cryptocurrencies creates more opportunities for trade.

The platform can also automatically trade many traditional forex pairs such as USD / GBP and USD / JPY. Bitcoin Bitcoin Evolution can trade both major and minor forex pairs.

Free transaction

According to the website, all transactions on Bitcoin Evolution are completely free of charge. There are no account fees and commissions on profits from Bitcoin evolution.

The forum also states that it has reached an agreement with brokers to abandon trade commissions. However, we have not been able to verify this as part of our Bitcoin Evaluation Review, so you should only invest as much money as you can afford to lose.

Display Trading

Supports demo transaction after you open the Bitcoin Evolution account. With Display Trading, you can see how the platform’s algorithm runs a business without making any real money. This is a great way to test Bitcoin Evolution.

You can use an experimental display to practice adjusting algorithm parameters. Bitcoin Evolution Traders says you can change the amount you want to invest in your business, your stop loss and profit margins, and your overall risk level.

Remember that even if you set these criteria, all transactions are risky.

Quick exit

According to the site, Bitcoin Evolution allows you to withdraw your money at any time free of charge. According to the forum’s website, most exit requests are paid in less than 24 hours. We could not verify this claim as part of our Bitcoin Evolution review.

Bitcoin evolution payments

The Bitcoin Evolution Robot claims to be completely free of charge. This forum does not charge deposit or withdrawal fees, account fees or trade commissions. In addition, Bitcoin offers evolution to work with brokers to eliminate brokerage fees in your business.

Account fees nothing else
Deposit / withdrawal fees nothing else
Minimum deposit $ 250

Is Bitcoin Evolution Fraud?

One of the key questions we have to answer in our Bitcoin evolution test is, is Bitcoin Evolution fraudulent?

Our Bitcoin Evolution Review This trading platform uses algorithms for trading cryptocurrencies and forks. This corresponds to how many other crypto trading robots and forex trading robots work. Bitcoin’s evolution is not a trading success rate, and we have not been able to verify the platform’s success rate as part of our review.

We could not get Bitcoin Evolution reviews from previous users during this review. However, the Bitcoin Evolution website displays a list of current trades, including the participating crypto or forex pairs and the profit margins.

Importantly, our Bitcoin Evolution test has proven that this platform offers trading. You can use the demo business to try out Bitcoin Bitcoin software for yourself and see how it works. Remember that all trade is risky.

Bitcoin Bitcoin Evolution Low Deposit

Bitcoin Evolution requires a deposit of at least $ 250 to start using the platform. You will need to make this small deposit to access trial demo trading as well as direct transaction. This money is yours and you can withdraw it at any time free of charge.

Bitcoin Evolution Customer Support

Bitcoin Evolution offers customer support via email on the forum’s website. We could not find the email address or phone number for the Bitcoin Evolution app.

How to use Bitcoin Evolution

Are you ready to start trading with Bitcoin Evolution Robot? Here’s how to register and trade in a few steps:

Step 1 ፡ Sign up for Bitcoin Evolution

To sign up for Bitcoin Evolution, go to the forum website and find the registration form at the top of the page. Enter your name, email and phone number then click Start Now.Sign up for Bitcoin Evolution

Step 2 ፡ Deposit Deposit

You must deposit at least $ 250 to open a Bitcoin Evolution trading account. The platform accepts bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets.

Step 3 ፡ Show Display Trading

It is a good idea to start using Bitcoin Evolution in demo mode. In this way you can learn how to improve the performance of the platform by risk-free testing and adapting the algorithm parameters to the current market conditions.

Step 4 ፡ Live Direct Marketing

When you are ready to start trading, change the switch in your account from display to live. This activates the live transaction and Bitcoin Evolution will immediately start trading on your behalf.


Bitcoin Evolution is a crypto trading robot capable of trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and dozens of popular forex pairs. According to Bitcoin Evolution, merchants do not need any experience to start using the software. In addition, there are no accounts or trading fees to use Bitcoin Evolution.



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