Bitcoin BTC / USD Breaks 40K in Global Threat

Bitcoin (BTC / USD) Analysis

  • Robinwood launches crypto wallets and El Salvador for crypto loans to small and medium enterprises.
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have fallen below 40k as global concerns mount
  • Bitcoin (BTC / USD) Key Technical Standards Analyzed

To offer El Salvador Crito loans and Robinwood Cripe bags

In other news, El Salvador’s National Micro and Small Enterprises Commission (NECC) It plans to provide $ 10 million in crypt-based loans to micro and small enterprises by 2022. Salvador operates informally without banking. The new crypto loans are said to cost up to 10% interest. This is significantly lower than the current financing option.

Robinwood is also offering crypto bags to 1,000 customers on its waiting list to test the new unreleased product. The watch list relies on more than one million users.

Cryptos continue down but with great motivation

The major cryptocurrencies, measured by market capitalization, continued to sell, but at a slower pace. Asian session.

Top 10 Crypto Currencies, Highlights 24 Hour Discounts

Source CoinMarketCap,

Not only the main failure of crypto but also the widespread global sales can be attributed to the ongoing negotiations between Russia and the US.

US-Russia talks continue today – potentially a global threat.

Top US and Russian diplomats are set to meet in Geneva today to resolve last week’s crucial talks – the outcome of which could affect global risk assets, including Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC / USD) Analysis and Key Technical Standards

Bitcoin started the year after trading sideways in December at around 45,650 marks. The price broke below the consolidated channel and remained relatively low until last night.

Disasters such as Russia, Ukraine, and the United States have so far not been able to eliminate the threat posed by Russia’s invasion and subsequent NATO response. This morning, at least for the time being, we have seen at least a little bit of a global risk in the European equity markets, soft JPY and CHF crosses and low treasury production.

The table appears weak at first glance. The Most Popular ‘Death Cross“Prices have broken 40k and it has borne fruit with little support before reaching a near 37,325 support level.” Psychological 30,000 degrees; Following the key Support Zone About 29,000.

The market is in a state of flux, but the MACD shows little momentum in the final fall compared to the previous 40k test. In addition, the RSI has just entered the sell-off territory, indicating that there may be a reversal in the coming days. At this point, the current depression trend will continue until further notice.

Bitcoin (BTC / USD) Daily Price Chart

Bitcoin price analysis breaks BTC / USD 40 cents against global risk


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