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Opinion: Higher education should replicate ASU’s approach with high school students – Arizona State Press

At a time when ambiguity dominates college admissions, ASU’s clarity of expectations for incoming freshmen is revolutionary. If the nation’s higher education institutions want to build trust in their admissions process, ASU’s recent initiative should be the blueprint. ASU sent pre-acceptance letters to more than 1,450 Phoenix Union High School District students last year — … Read more

Archeology from Graham Hancock: The Show, hosted by Joe Rogan, is on.

Graham Hancock’s call for archaeologists to challenge his belief in a lost Atlantic civilization has long been ignored by those wary of giving credence to his outlandish ideas – until now. Netflix’s favorite series provider Ancient Apocalypse He accepted an offer from Cardiff University archaeologist Flint Dibble to discuss his concepts on a Spotify podcast. … Read more

Whitehall opposes Braverman plans to cut UK graduate visas.

UK government departments have been asked to outline their positions on student visa reforms as the Home Office imposes restrictions, with opposition from various departments including the Treasury reportedly opposing restrictions on post-study work. of Times Home Secretary Suella Braverman has proposed reducing the length of time overseas students can stay in the UK after … Read more

Minister and head of government discussed higher education

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal on Saturday called on Punjab Governor Baligur Rehman at Governor’s House Lahore and discussed various issues including promotion of higher education. Baligur Rahman said at the ceremony that the development of knowledge-based economy is of great importance for the development of the country. As Chancellor, my … Read more

‘Frustration’ driving Hong Kong’s record drop rate

For the second year in a row, Hong Kong’s university poverty rate has hit a new record – prompting some academics to become “disillusioned” with the city’s academies. Last year, more than 2,700 students dropped out of Hong Kong’s eight public universities, according to the University Support Committee. About 2,300 of those students graduated with … Read more

Are university bans on words like ‘fieldwork’ too far?

There have been instances in recent months of US institutions trying to replace potentially offensive words, creating controversy and making right-wing pundits an easy target. This month, the University of Southern California’s School of Social Work said it would drop the term “fieldwork” because it “could be perceived as anti-black or anti-immigrant,” especially for descendants … Read more

How to create a flexible learning environment in higher ed

What is a dynamic learning environment? Flexible learning environments should enable students to do everything from independent study to engaging in lively group discussions, sometimes in the same place and at the same time. Of course, this is flexibility, but what it looks like in practice can vary. In any dynamic learning environment, there will … Read more

The Swedish Higher Education Authority to conduct case studies on academic freedom

Sweden, January 24 – published January 24, 2023 The government has instructed the Swedish Higher Education Authority to conduct case studies on academic freedom. The aim is to create a culture of free pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and a deep understanding of the work of universities and institutions of higher education in promoting and … Read more