AUD / USD Forex Signal Closing Feeling

Bulls face strong resistance at 0.7271.

The AUD / USD signal did not rise last Tuesday, as it had no price action when it first reached the resistance level of 0.7148.

Today’s AUD / USD signals

Risk 0.75%

Transfers must arrive before 5pm Tokyo time Wednesday.

  • For the next touch of 0.7271, 0.7302, or 0.7321, briefly follow the price change on the H1 time frame.
  • Increase the stop loss by 1 PP from the local swing.
  • Adjust the stop loss even if the trade is 20 PPs.
  • When the price reaches 20 PPP, take 50% as a profit and leave the rest to run.

Long business idea

  • Long move to H1 time frame following significant price change on next H7 time frame.
  • Reduce the stop loss by 1 PP from the local oscillation.
  • Adjust the stop loss even if the trade is 20 PPs.

The best way to identify a classic “price reversal” is to close a candle for an hour, such as a pin bar, a doji, an outdoor candle or a very close one. You can exploit these levels or zones by looking at the price action on the rated levels.


AUD / USD Analysis

I wrote last Tuesday that the price was set at a reinforcement pattern above 0.7083. I thought this level of support could be strong as the US dollar index was running in the same direction, so I saw more potential here.

This was a good call as the price went up during the day and has been rising ever since. in fact, This pair has become a focal point for the Forex market as risks have increased in recent days, The main strength of the Australian dollar as a key risk barometer exchange, when the US dollar traded against the Japanese yen, although the Japanese yen weakened against the dollar.

Yesterday’s rally price increased, which seems to be very close to the key resistance level I identified at 0.7271. The technical picture is exaggerated, but unfortunately, there are no clear support levels above 0.7123, which is unattainable today, and I want to do a long trade today so I think it would be better to stand by this trading side. A pair today.

If the consolidation continues below 0.7271 and the sentiment begins to plummet on the bad news, there may be a limit to a short trade to 0.7271 this week or later this week.


There is nothing significant about the AUD or USD today.


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