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Ashoka University Founder Pranav Gupta Explains Why the US Has Become a Top Destination for Higher Education

New Delhi (India), December 31: The United States has always been one of the top countries for higher education. It is home to many prestigious institutions that attract renowned scholars and students from around the world. “Some of the best institutions in the world are located in the United States, attracting top faculty and students from all over the world. This creates a dynamic culture that is intellectually demanding and unmatched in many other countries, says Pranav Guptaashoka University, founder.

In the year In the 2021 World University Rankings, the United States has six of the world’s top 10 institutions. It is popular with over 4000 students seeking higher education. The country offers a variety of educational opportunities and programs, making it a popular place to pursue higher studies. To help students choose a program that meets their interests and professional goals, American institutions offer a variety of academic programs and research opportunities, particularly at the graduate level.

In addition to popularity and educational prospects, America boasts a strong economy and job market. Students can develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their respective fields of study. A degree from a top American institution can position a student well in the job market. Along with this, the US is also a diverse and welcoming country, attracting foreign students. There are many different cultures and societies, and many colleges have resources and initiatives to help students around the world.

“American universities are known for their innovative and practical selection of academic programs and research options. This allows students to collaborate with leading experts in the field and choose a program that meets their interests and professional needs. Unlike other courses, STEM education is a 24-month work experience for an F-1 visa holder in the US.” It offers potential. Hence, it is a popular choice among students. They can apply for opportunities with reputed international companies, and these graduates are in high demand,” said Pranav Gupta.

Before pursuing higher education abroad, it is important to think carefully and make an informed decision. According to the QS University Rankings, the United States is nationally renowned for its high level of education, and graduates from American universities have a high chance of successful careers. Staying in the United States can help individuals develop key life skills, including communication and social skills. Whether it’s for visa purposes, accommodation, job opportunities, scholarships or anything else, most of the institutions out there offer great support and assistance to all students.

Unlike the Indian education system, where public universities predominate, and admissions are now based on CUET and +2 exams, the admission system is universal in other countries. Apart from marks and grades, all other criteria are considered, including extracurricular activities, social impact of students and leadership skills. The United States has the most disciplined education, with a student-friendly and flexible approach.

“Their curriculum offers students tremendous flexibility and takes a holistic approach. There is an option to change subjects for students going to USA for higher education after 12th standard. Because their education system encourages students to follow their interests, they allow them to change majors. A double major is also possible, combining a major with a minor. If a student wishes to graduate early, their credit-based system allows for this. Along with offering more scholarships than other countries, these are significant aspects that make the United States a well-liked option. Additionally, there are many job opportunities due to their vast economy, which is a major decision-making point for many individuals,” explains Pranav Gupta, Founder, Ashoka University.


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